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Mr. Roelofs is a great coach who not only has a great deal of knowledge and executive experience himself but excels of being perceptive and using various questioning techniques to help people develop through reaching their own conclusions and making their own decisions. He creates an environment in which coachees feel comfortable discussing difficult issues and is effective in helping people to unlock their full potential. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to develop their executive skills and remove any blocks that prevent them from operating at the maximum of their capabilities.

Head Business Development Europe, Finance, London, UK

Being coached by Rania has been very powerful for me. She coaches in a unique, insightful way, and helped me with the necessary tools and techniques for my challenges, which has proven successful. It was great to work with her. I would highly recommend Rania as an executive coach.

HR, Insurance, London, UK

Bernardus has been my coach for nearly 12 months during my career break where with his professional help I have been searching to decide my next career challenge which has proven successful. I have found him to be a good listener who plays back to me what he is hearing. He offers constructive feedback in a sensitive way. I always feel re-energised after one of my sessions with him. As a coach in the true sense of the word, he really does help keep me on my toes: following up on the actions we set and asking difficult questions which ultimately I benefit from as they push my thinking and ability on. I would highly recommend Bernardus as a professional coach both for individuals and corporates.

Business Development Europe, Finance, Geneva, Switzerland

Bernardus has actively coached me and my team for the last 6 months. With his experience in the European financial industry he managed to give us valuable insights in relationship management, institutional trading and operational excellence, enabling us to clearly stand out in this rapidly changing environment. Together with Bernardus we managed to identify our core strengths, made a plan to leverage on that and are executing it accordingly. I would recommend Bernardus to any young team of money earners to give each individual the tools he or she needs to raise output to a next level. Besides coaching my team, he has also been of great help on a personal level, advising me how to handle certain (sometimes very delicate) situations.

Head of Trading, Finance, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Executive Coach Rania Roelofs has greatly enhanced my learning. Instrumental to this were her challenging questions and observations.

Professional Athlete, UK

Being shadow-coached by Bernardus was instrumental in the improvement of my own coaching practice. It improved my focus and the reflection and feedback, being based on acute and knowledgeable observation, has accelerated my progress.

Executive Coach, Oxford, UK

I invited Bernardus for a sparring session to tap into his vast experience of the financial industry and share ideas around the next level for the product and team. Gained several valuable insights and had a productive afternoon in friendly and constructive manner.

Head European Sales, Finance, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Rania is a great coach who not only challenged me but also made me appreciate diversity and think differently about 'negatives'. Her coaching style is thought-provoking, warm, sharing, challenging, open, kind, generous, and insightful. As a sparring partner Rania creates an environment in which I felt comfortable to discuss a variety of topics, dive deep for meanings and reflect on the emotional as well as rational dimension.

Head of Sales, Media, London, UK

Executive Coach Bernardus Roelofs brings high levels of intuition when coaching professionals and senior leaders – his strengths of asking insightful questions and creating a space for reflection helps coachees get clearer on their perspectives and motivations, and the perspectives and motivations of others. Bernardus is strong at coaching senior leaders around their purpose and goals, and carefully facilitating feedback on their impact. His ability to tune in to, and understand what is happening in the broader system gives the coaching an edge. Finally, his strong belief in human potential naturally plays in these conversations, leaving leaders feeling supported and challenged, whether face-to-face or over Skype.

Director, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

I was apprehensive at first about the concept of being shadowed at work. I expected that I or my colleagues would be self conscious about having an observer in the room. I feared we might not behave as usual, which would undermine the effectiveness of having an objective expert coach diagnose my work interactions. I need not have worried: The experiment worked beautifully. Bernardus shared with me my 360 feedback on the prior evening. We agreed which behaviours I would seek to address in the next few months. This gave me a practical context for the meetings he would shadow.
The shadow day itself was well chosen for the range of 1:1 and team meetings with colleagues across our organisation, not only in my immediate unit. We conferred before each meeting so that I could share my hopes and objectives for each session, as well as afterwards so that I could assess my own performance and my impression about the reaction to me from my colleagues. Bernardus gently added his interpretation of my interactions and asked me appropriately probing questions about how the shadow day related to the 360 feedback we had discussed earlier.
Having used more conventional coaches in the past, I am now a true believer in shadow coaching as a highly effective personal development tool. I am excited about continuing with Bernardus with more shadow coaching days as part of a wider personal development plan that I will agree with my boss. Inviting the shadow coach back in the room at intervals is a wonderful way to visibly demonstrate to my boss, peers and team members that I am committed to developing my behaviour to maximize how we work together.
I asked my colleagues afterwards how they felt about the experience of being shadow coached. Several of them shared my initial nervousness about being watched. None of them found it intrusive. Several asked if they could do it too!

Director, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK