Building Intercultural Competence & Diversity Management

In order to be successful internationally with your company goals and strategies, products and services, you need to ensure you understand the various aspects of leadership within different cultural spheres.

The fact that we all use the same terms worldwide, often conceals our own – largely unconscious – cultural influences. What seems familiar to you, may well come across not only strange in the target market, but entirely inappropriate, and convey a completely different meaning.

Cultural differences have a significant influence on business and management processes. And no two cultures are alike.

We help you become more aware of your own cultural imprint, recognise and manage cultural differences successfully, and make the most of your assets in terms of business success.

Benefits include:

  • Improve your leadership style across cultures
  • Effective leveraging of team and organisational diversity
  • Increase personal awareness of competencies that facilitate intercultural work
  • Understand, appreciate and live the different nuances of meeting and greeting, appreciating seniority, meeting etiquette, values, communication styles and negotiation tactics
  • Realise how diversity drives the formation of new business models and innovation in today's changing and fiercely competitive marketplace
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately with employees and clients of other cultures
  • Recognise that values may influence people’s communication style
  • Know the different cultural working mechanisms: work procedures, thinking styles, decision-making processes, etc.
  • Attract new talent and clients globally
  • Increase organisational performance