Shadow Coaching

Shadow coaching is a powerful and effective tool used during coaching with executives, leaders and teams striving for excellence.

Shadow coaching is real-time coaching, observing work practices and communication flow at the place of work. It fundamentally means taking your coach to your work environment e.g. a (board) team or client meeting or presentation in real time and in a very real job environment. This greatly increases newfound awareness, which in turn enhances better work practices.

This coaching approach is a natural evolvement, reflecting parallel and constantly evolving work environments which leaders are expected to navigate through, with similar success expectations by different stakeholders to help transform business, people and processes. Shadow coaching supports particularly the understanding of the situation and helps in identifying what the real issues are. Do you want to be challenged and coached in real time?

Do you want to get unbiased, independent feedback, identify your strengths and areas for improvement in a 360degree environment? Do you want to close the gap between your actual and desired performance?

With shadow coaching we help you in real time, closing the gap between the actual and desired performance.

Benefits include:

  • Receiving independent, unbiased real-time feedback
  • Uncover hidden issues and challenges in real time
  • Accelerated learning
  • It's not theoretical, it's practical, it's real
  • Being part of the coachees’ environment (The coachee can tell me anything, I want to see it myself)
  • Raising blind spots
  • Increasing the importance and openness to learning – be a role model
  • Implementing real-time change
  • Increased alertness and awareness / time to reflect
  • Demonstrates your high commitment to the people you lead and to their development
  • Improving individual and team goals, targets and performance
  • Higher organisational performance/productivity
  • Gives quickly a wealth of data about the environment, organisational culture and the key people
  • See and hear both the verbal and non-verbal communication
  • It can significantly reduce the necessity of redoing the work
  • Identifying solutions to specific work-related issues in real time